When I first began to write, I looked around for any books to guide me to a published book. Over time, I have found many but my favorite remains Go Teen Writers: How to turn your first draft into a published book. Each of my writing books had a purpose of their own, but when it comes to the ultimate package, Go Teen Writer: How to turn your first draft into a published book, takes the gold.

The book was written by two successful published writers, Stephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson and is broken down into five basic parts.

1. Making sure you have the elements of a strong story

2. Understanding the publishing industry

3. Creating an online platform

4. Finding literary agents

5. How to connect with editors

This is not necessarily a ‘how to write a novel’ sort of book. It mostly focuses on publishing as a teen or young person. I think that this is because there are so many other resources out there about how to write a book. The actual book-writing process is no different as a non-adult. The only difference is dealing with publishers and literary agents as a teenager.

As a fact, in the introduction of this book, the authors stated that they had written this book to be used as a roadmap after your novel had been written but it also helps you check that you have the elements of a strong story.

The only problem that I see (and this isn’t really much of a problem) is that this book need not have been marketed just to teen writers because the information packed in those 308 pages is useful to all ages.

I had originally purchased this book as an ebook only, but I soon regretted it. The importance of the information in this book is the sort that I want to be able to highlight and flip to whenever I need advice. So I did something that I rarely do: I now own the eBook and the print copy.

As a conclusion, I would like to state that I consider this book a necessity for every writer’s bookshelf. For more information, visit the Go Teen Writers website or follow the link below to Amazon, where you can purchase the book.



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