Don’t just get even, write a novel. From the moment I read that slogan, I knew that I absolutely needed to read this book. Now that I’ve read it, my opinion hasn’t changed one bit. I love this book.

Blurb: When Ellie Sweet gets ditched by her life-long friends, she lets out her inner love of writing and begins to explore medieval Italy. Along the way, she discovers the world of publishing and enters her book in the Great Debut novel contest. But if she wins, what will happen when her friends recognize themselves in the story?

The writer of this book, Stephanie Morrill, is the writer of another book that I have reviewed on Young Writers Café, Go Teen Writers: How to turn your first draft into a published book. She also blogs over at Go Teen Writers with Jill Williamson, a fantasy author. I love their advice and I hope that someday I can achieve what they have!

There was a bit of a scuffle involved with this book, none of which was the author’s fault. The book released on May 1st as an Ebook and I assumed that as a Kobo owner, I would be able to download it that very day. It didn’t happen that way. Instead, it took Kobo a full week and a half to get this book in their stores, something that annoyed me greatly.

But back to the review. I found that Stephanie Morrill managed to balance the story amazingly well. She balanced Ellie Sweet’s writing life with her school life while demonstrating how the two affected each other.

As a blogger, I feel that I must point out the writing of this book. And indeed I shall.  The author stayed true to all of the advice she gave to us young writers in Go Teen Writers: How to turn your first draft into a published book. She captured the voice of a true American girl and mixed in lines that made me laugh.

Thanks for reading! Buy The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet on Amazon or Kobo today!



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