Guess what enters the world today?

fearlessAs promised, The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook is finally here! The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook is LIVE and available for purchase right NOW.

The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook has been months in the making, and today I’m so excited to be sharing a valuable, actionable workbook that I know will have a serious impact on your blogging. It’s dedicated to helping you get organized, find clarity, and create an epic plan to grow your book blog.

On a personal note, I’ve been running a book blog for several years now. I’ve learned a LOT about book blogging and growing a blog, and I know that the process is different for everyone. That’s why this workbook is so valuable for bloggers. It is tailored to YOU and helps you come up with a serious, actionable plan to rock your book blog.


Plus, when you order your copy, you don’t just get the physical workbook in the mail! It’s a complete package. Seriously.


Here’s what you get:

  • The epic, physical workbook (obviously!)
  • A DIGITAL copy of the workbook, so you can print out and reuse the pages as you progress through your blogging journey.
  • Additionally, you have exclusive access to a vault of secret bonus content for book bloggers, like worksheets and extra resources. The vault is updated quarterly, so it pays for itself over and over again!


And you can get all of that for just $20 USD. Sweet, right? The price WILL be going up in a few weeks, so don’t forget to grab your copy right now.

Remember, the sooner you order, the sooner you can create and implement an epic plan to rock your book blog.

Got questions? You can read ALL the details about The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook on the launch page here and don’t forget to email me if you aren’t sure about something!


The workbook is now LIVE! I can’t wait for you to grab your copy right away.

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