See all that snow? That’s basically what it looks like outside right now (minus the mountains). We had a week or so of sunshine and then BOOM! The snow returned.


I thought I would have so much time to blog in March, with Spring Break and all, but I ended up getting way busier with side projects and other tasks (like huge school assignments) than I thought I would be, so I only wrote a couple posts for the blog! Still, March was a hugely successful month for me.

I’ve been working on several cool projects, and I’m excited to recap them all for you!

The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook comes out this month!

I’m crazy excited about this! I announced The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook in early March, and I am ridiculously excited to share this project with you. I got my finished copies last week, and I am crazy excited! The workbook releases on April 19th but if you join my VIP crew for the launch, you get access to some epic bonus content and you can enter an early giveaway for a free copy! You can sign up here.

6 weeks after setting up Mailchimp, I hit 100 email subscribers!

111Okay, this is a pretty tiny milestone, but I only set up my new Mailchimp email list about 6 weeks ago, so I am crazy excited about this! I’ve been using Bloglovin’ and other services, and have a few hundred subscribers on each, so I had hopes that my email subscription would work as well. That’s 100 subscribers in less than 45 days, which I’m excited about. The number is currently sitting at 111, so I’ve set a goal to get to 200 by the end of May.

Crazy? Maybe, but I’m going to try!

My Blog Income Report: $291.00

I’ve been debating whether or not to share this with you, but I’ve gotten so many emails and DMs from people who want to know if they actually can make money from their book blogs. You totally can! That’s why I’m sharing my blog income report with you. This was a reallyyyy slow month, but I thought that you might be interested to learn that, yes, you can actually make a little bit of side money from your book blog.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Affiliate Earnings: $210.00 (this is pretty good for one month!)
  • Etsy store: $81.00 (this month was incredibly slow, but I’ve been focusing all my energy on the upcoming revamp, and didn’t promote it at all).

Is earning money from your book blog something you are interested in? Let me know in the Comments if you want some more content about how I earn money from my blog, and I might put together a series of tutorials and posts if enough people are interested!

I’ve been working on a LOT of things.

One of the reasons I wasn’t able to blog as much this month was because of how bus I was working on other side projects. I always like working on new projects, and I’ve got a few things in the works. They’re not all necessarily Bookish Serendipity-related, but I figured I would share some of them with you:

  • The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook launch (coming  on April 19th!)
  • I’ve been working on my second blog, Fierce Blogging. I’ve been working really hard on that blog to create content and start establishing a readership. I have big plans, and I’ve been working really hard to get the site running.
  • I’ve been working on revamping the Bookish Serendipity Co Etsy shop. I’m adding several entirely new product lines, like bookish sweatshirts, pillows, posters, and more! This should be revealed later this month or earlier in May…
  • I’m also creating some cool new content for my VIP crew for The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook launch. Want in on that? Sign up here.

Attention, reading slump alert!

glassswordOkay, so I’m still in the reading slump I was in last month is still going on. Meh. I only read a few books, but I did love Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. I’m currently working through The Forbidden Orchard by Sharon Biggs Walker (it’s pretty slow so far, although I’m only on the first few chapters.

I have so many new book releases from the past two months that I need to work through. I had quite a few pre-orders that came in over the past two months, so I really need to get to reading those, as soon as I pull myself out of my reading slump. I’m particularly excited to read Assassin’s Heart, Burning Glass, and Rebel Of The Sands.

Fantasy is my favorite genre, so I really want to focus on reading and rereading some “me” books instead of ARCs or review copies. I’ve already read most of my April review copies, so I will be able to spend a lot more time reading books that I’m interested in. I’m thinking that will help me get out of the reading slump.

Plus, I went to the #PenguinTeenOnTour signing

I was really excited for the Penguin Teen On Tour event. This is the first time ( I think!) that the Penguin Teen tour came to Toronto, and I was able to go this time. The event was a Q&A and signing with 5 Penguin Teen Authors: Sabaa Tahir, Alison Goodman, Rachel Hawkins, April Genevieve Tucholke, and Alywn Hamilton.

I got to see some great bloggers friends again (Nova, Em, Sasha and Sarena, and more), which is always fun, and I had a blast. I would love to have the tour return to Canada again.

How was your month?

4 Comments on {Monthly Recap} March 2015 | I’m Back + My First Blog Income Report

  1. Rebecca
    April 10, 2016 at 11:55 pm (1 year ago)

    That’s awesome that your blog is doing well and you’re able to make money. I’d love to hear more about it. I first started thinking about the possibility of this ever since Ashley did an email series about it and reading this post has got me inspired all over again.

    • Rebecca
      April 11, 2016 at 1:42 am (1 year ago)

      Back again – you’re post really stirred up ideas I’ve been sitting on. I’d love to hear about deciding to publish a physical copy. No that I plan to do it myself, but I’m intrigued. It makes sense with the content, but I personally wouldn’t have had a clue how to go about that, so go you! I’m guessing you never ever look into publishing it as an ebook though? Lastly, congrats on The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook. I look forward to hearing more about it.

      • Jessica
        April 11, 2016 at 9:23 am (1 year ago)

        For sure! I’ve been thinking about writing a post about it soon. I have all my posts scheduled up to the end of April, but maybe I could write something about it right after that? I’ll definitely add it to my blog post ideas list. Thanks, and let me know if there’s anything I can help you out with!


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