When I started my blog, I started out with the standard free WordPress.com account (yourbookblog.wordpress.com). I stayed on WordPress.com for several months before moving my book blog over to WordPress self-hosted with my web host, IPage.

Since making the move, I haven’t regretted it at all. If you’re thinking about making the jump or aren’t sure why you should, here is why you should move your book blog to WordPress self-hosted.

1. It’s more professional

If you want to make your book blog look more professional, having it on WordPress self-hosted makes you stand out right away. When you move to self-hosted, you get to use your own domain name. That means that instead of having your blog link be yourblog.wordpress.com or yourblog.blogspot.com, it becomes yourblog.com. Doesn’t that look so much more professional? (Plus, it’s easier to type into the search bar ­čÖé )

2. You can use your own design

The thing about my old WordPress.com site was that the design I was using was one of only a few options, meaning hundreds of thousands of other people were using the EXACT same design.

By moving to WordPress, I was able to access thousands of other cool themes by independent designers, not just the same couple designs that everyone else was doing. That means that Bookish Serendipity Co is the ONLY website that looks like this.

3. It’s cheap

You’re running a book blog, not Amazon. You shouldn’t be spending more than a few dollars a month on web hosting. In fact, you can get web hosting cheaper than you think. For example, my web host IPage is currently running a promotion where you can get web hosting for only just $1.99/ mo, which is around $24/year. That’s less than the price of two paperback books!

4. It’s easier than you think!

I thought that moving my site from WordPress.com to self-hosted would be complicated and take a long time. Surprisingly, it wasn’t! I completed the entire transfer and set-up process in less than 90 minutes.

That means that in less than a few hours, you could have a fully functional self-hosted WordPress website. Whether your site is currently hosted on WordPress.com or on Blogger, there’s an option for you to import all of your current blog posts onto your new site without having to manually move everything over. It’s ridiculously easy, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy at all!

Are you ready to move to WordPress self-hosted?

You can get set up with your new web host (I recommend Ipage) really quickly. In fact, if you follow my tutorial right here, you can get started for less than $24 and be finished today.


3 Comments on Why You Should Move Your Book Blog To WordPress Self-Hosted

  1. Jordon @ Simply Adrift
    October 20, 2016 at 4:35 am (7 months ago)

    I definitely agree that going self hosted is the best decision I have ever made! And I too love WordPress. I love the freedom of being able to do whatever you want on your blog, and with your theme. I mean to be honest I still feel like I’m floundering a long and learning things as I go. There are SO many things that confused me, and I know there are things that I don’t even know I should be doing.. But it’s so cool.

    But I also hate blogger blogs :/ The commenting system is the WORST. Also a lot of blogger themes appear weird on my browser? I have no idea why.
    Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…The disappointment of The Rose & the DaggerMy Profile

  2. Amy
    March 12, 2017 at 7:00 pm (2 months ago)

    This is a really interesting post! My aunt actually bought me a .com domain for my birthday (!!!), which I have yet to set up (mostly because I have no idea how, but she’s going to show me), but I’m super excited to, especially after reading your post! ­čÖé
    Amy recently posted…I Am More Happy Than Not Tag!My Profile


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