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{Guest Post} Why Movie Adaptations Don’t Bother Me


Hey, guys! I know I’ve been pretty absent on the blog (but I’m still hanging out on Twitter!), but today I’ve got a really great guest post. I met Lauren @ Shooting Stars Mag a while ago, and she is such a lovely and friendly blogger. You can check out Shooting Stars Mag by clicking here, or her other website, Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance, here. You can also follow her on Twitter.

For now, let’s get on with the post!

Why Book Adaptations Don’t Bother Me

As a book lover, you would probably think that I get nervous or antsy when it comes to book adaptations.


To be honest, there are a select few movies where I read the book first, but regardless, movie adaptations don’t really bother me in general. I’m always saying “they are separate things.” Yes, the movie is based on the book but that doesn’t mean the movie is going to be exactly the same. If you want that, listen to the audiobook! It’s almost the best of both worlds. But for me, I just like seeing how the movie is on its own.
I grew up reading and loving the Harry Potter books, so I was excited for every single movie. I started going to the midnight premieres after a while too. I think the HP movies are actually really well done and they tend to keep a lot of the same aspects of the book. That doesn’t mean I don’t hear complaints though. People don’t like casting, they don’t like that certain characters or moments were taken out (Peeves the Poltergeist, anyone?). And while I might understand or even agree on a certain level, I get that the movies have to condense so much into a film. They can’t include everything or we’d be there for hours and hours. That might sound okay for us book lovers, but the average movie goer would probably hate the HP films if each one was four or so hours long!
I think it’s good to be self-aware and know if you can handle a movie adaptation or not. If you love a book but aren’t sure about the movie, it’s okay not to see it…or wait until later. Of course, the earlier you see a film, the better it will do in theaters and then you might get more movies, if the book is part of a series. That’s something you have to think about though. It doesn’t make you less of a fan to skip the movie, or even hate the movie. But you should still understand that people will like the movie, whether they read the book or not. Changes can suck, I get that, but sometimes they can be good or they just don’t really matter. It’s never going to be the book anyway, right?
However, I’m not always easy-going about all changes. For example, I read and loved My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult and I was excited to see the film. If anyone knows the book and movie, then you know that the ending is drastically changed. I won’t spoil you, but let’s just say that the end of the book kind of makes the book for a lot of people. To have it changed so much really didn’t sit well with me. Was it a good film otherwise? Yes, it was, but I can still be upset by the ending. Overall though, I don’t mind changes. I just want the spirit of the book, when it comes down to it.
What do you think? Do movie adaptations bother you? What’s your favorite?

Meet The Newbies: Interview With Isabel Bandeira!

Meet The Newbies is all about introducing and celebrating the debut authors of 2015 across the book blogosphere through interviews, giveaways, and fun events! If you want to learn more, you can read the introductory post here.

I have the pleasure of featuring Isabel Bandeira, the author of Bookishly Ever After, which sounds absolutely incredibly. Today, I’ll be featuring Isabel, interviewing her, and talking ALL about her book.

Firstly, let’s meet Isabel

Isabel Bandeira grew up surrounded by trees and lakes in Southern New Jersey, right on the edge of the Pine Barrens. Her summers were always spent in Portugal, where the cathedrals, castles, and ancient tombs only fed her fairy tale obsession. Between all those influences and her serious glitter addiction, it wasn’t a surprise when she started writing stories of her own.

In her free time between writing and her day job as a Mechanical Engineer who designs and develops medical devices, she reads, dances, figure skates, and knits.

Isabel lives in New Jersey with her little black cat, too many books, and a closetful of vintage hats. She is represented by Carrie Howland of Donadio & Olson. BOOKISHLY EVER AFTER is her debut novel.

Find her on Goodreads, Instagram, Pinterest,Twitter or at her website.

On to the interview!

Bookishly Ever After sounds so wonderful, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Next, we’ve got a quick and fun interview with Isabel!

1. Describe Bookishly Ever After in 5 words.

Book nerd are the best.

2. What’s the “story behind the story?” What inspired you to write BEA?

Bookishly started as a short story I wrote for a yearly no-kiss blog hop. I decided to write a scene about a bookish girl channeling her favorite heroines while trying to impress a boy she liked. There was a camp I went to when I was a teen and they had this horrible two-rope bridge over a muddy stream, so I decided to force this bookish character to cross that bridge to get to the boy. After finishing that scene, I couldn’t get the characters out of my head.

Then, I went to the Eastern PA SCBWI Poconos retreat, where I was given the prompt “Your character falls in love at first sight” in a workshop. The little scene I wrote about Phoebe in that workshop became part of the first chapter of Bookishly Ever After.

3. What has your favorite part of being a debut author been?

Holding my book for the first time (or rather, holding my book for about two seconds before my 1.5 year old niece grabbed it and ran away, making me chase her before she destroyed one of my few ARCs… the video is pretty hilarious to watch. I would have been happy crying if I wasn’t laughing so hard). It didn’t feel real until that moment.

Favorite moment #2 was signing a very beat up/loved copy of the book for a friend’s daughter. It was amazing to know this book was read, tossed in backpacks and lockers, and enjoyed. That time, I actually did happy cry!

4. Did you always want to be an author? What made you start writing?

Yes. My mom still has copies of the “books” I made when I was old enough to hold a crayon. I’ve always loved books and stories and I can’t remember a time when I hadn’t wanted to make my own. There was a period of time after high school when I thought it was impossible, but after meeting some of my favorite (modern) authors a few years ago, I decided it was time to stop only writing fanfiction/simm RPG posts/short stories to be shelved and try to write in my own worlds again.

5. If you could put your character in any other 2016 YA novel, which would you choose and why?

Phoebe has a special love for Paranormal and Fantasy YA so it’s a toss up between Tobie Easton’s EMERGE (mer people!!!! Feebs would be over the MOON) and Evelyn Skye’s THE CROWN’S GAME (Russia! Enchanters… a MASKED BALL. Just that last one would be enough to make Phoebe one happy bookworm. Just.. don’t ask her to fight anyone to the death).

Doesn’t that sound amazing? I’m so glad Isabel could stop by today, and I am crazy excited to get my hands on a copy of Bookishly Ever After. How perfect does it sound?

More About Bookishly Ever After

In a perfect world, sixteen-year-old Phoebe Martins’ life would be a book. Preferably one filled with magic and a hot paranormal love interest. Unfortunately, her life probably wouldn’t even qualify for a quiet contemporary.

Everything changes when Phoebe learns that Dev, the hottest guy in the clarinet section, might actually have a crush on her. So, Phoebe turns to the heroines in her favorite books for advice on a personality overhaul. Becoming as awesome as her book characters isn’t as easy as it sounds and when another girl nets Dev for herself right from under Phoebe’s nose, she’s crushed.

Then, to up the suckage, she gets assigned as his co-counselor at a sixth grade camp and has to spend an entire week tied to the hip with the one guy on the planet she wanted to avoid. Can she make it through the potential danger of romantic bonfires and nature walks without Dev figuring out she’s still not over him, or will her counseling career end in emotional disaster? Can she ever go back to her happy world of fictional boys after falling for the real thing?

You can also buy it on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and the Book Depository.

Thanks so much to Isabel for stopping by today! You can also enter a giveaway to win a copy of any of the books featured in MTN by clicking here.

How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas When Your Brain Feels Broken

blogideasUs bloggers tend to go through spurts of inspiration. At least I know I do! There are some weeks where I’m just bursting with new ideas, and other times I spend hours just staring at the blank screen, cursor blinking. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a lack of blog post ideas (okay, there are a FEW things more frustrating, but that’s a conversation for another day).

A lack of ideas is so not fun, especially when you actually have time to write something for your blog, but you just can’t think of what to say. This has happened to me so many times.

So what do you do when you’ve exhausted all the normal routes for coming up with ideas?

Here are 5 ways to come up with blog post ideas when you brain feels broken:

1. Survey your readers

Your readers are the best place to get new blog post ideas. They can provide you with feedback that you might not have learned on your own. On my other blog, I typically run a survey once a year to gather feedback from my readers and the responses I get are invaluable.

When you are running a blog survey to gather blog post ideas, here are a few questions you might want to ask:

  • Which types of posts do you find the most valuable?
  • What is your favorite blog post on the blog?
  • What are you currently struggling with/ want to learn?
  • Which types of content do you want to see less of?

These are all questions that will help you figure out what your readers are looking for, and help you figure out what type of content you should create more of in the future. You can even ask your readers to give suggestions or prompts for future blog posts, and you can build up a stash of blog post ideas for the future.

2. Repurpose old content

Chances are that there is tons of great old content from the early days of your blog that very few people have read. If you scroll through your archives, you will probably find some really great post that went unnoticed simply because your blog didn’t have as wide as audience as it does now.

A way to create new content is to find old content, tweak it, and post it for all of your current readers to see. You’ll probably remember how frustrating it was to spend hours on a post, and only get a couple views on it. By repurposing old content, you can get new posts up on the blog for your readers and not waste time trying to come up with ideas.


3. Look For Trends

What are the hot topics in your niche right now? Trends are a great way to find inspiration for a new blog post and draw traffic to your blog at the same time. When you are trying to figure out what the current trends are, try this:

  • Look for trending hashtags on Twitter
  • Read established publications in your niche. What events or topics are they talking about a lot?
  • See which search terms are increasingly leading people to your blog.
  • See what key influencers are talking about in your niche.
  • What type of content is being shared on social media the most?

Trends are great inspiration for blog posts. You can talk about the trend, write a pros or cons list about the topic, or share your opinion (and more!).

4. Think Of Possible Spin-Offs Of Current Posts

Go to your blog dashboard and check out your stats. What is your most popular blog post? Maybe it is a post you wrote about why you love being a fashion blogger. Now think about how you could possibly write a spin-off of that post. In the example outlined above, you could possibly do the totally opposite of that post and write about all the negative parts of being a fashion blogger.

Spin-offs of popular posts are great because you already know that the new post will be a hit, just based on how popular the original was.

5. Use The Funnel Strategy

Maybe you don’t have an exact idea for a blog post, but you probably have a rough idea of what topics you’d like to write about. For me, I can narrow the list down to a few topics, like running a blog, managing social media, earning money from your blog, and growing your tribe online. That’s more specific than just “blogging,” but it isn’t quite specific enough.

From there, I use this funnel formula:

General Topic > More Specific Topic > Identify A Problem > Solve The Problem > Hook

Here’s how that might look for this post:

Blogging > Creating Content > Not Having Ideas > finding ideas > How to come up with ideas when your brain feels broken.

Do you see how it slowly progresses from general to more and more specific? That’s what you should be aiming for. I want you to pick one area that you blog about and test out this funnel method to create a solid blog post idea.

Here’s my challenge to you.

These are all strategies that I use to come up with blog post ideas for Bookish Serendipity and my other blog. I challenge you to try out each of these methods and come up with one blog post idea for each method. That’s 5 new blog post ideas right there! Pretty cool, right?

How do you do when you are struggling to come up with blog post ideas?

It’s Launch Day For The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook!


Guess what enters the world today?

fearlessAs promised, The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook is finally here! The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook is LIVE and available for purchase right NOW.

The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook has been months in the making, and today I’m so excited to be sharing a valuable, actionable workbook that I know will have a serious impact on your blogging. It’s dedicated to helping you get organized, find clarity, and create an epic plan to grow your book blog.

On a personal note, I’ve been running a book blog for several years now. I’ve learned a LOT about book blogging and growing a blog, and I know that the process is different for everyone. That’s why this workbook is so valuable for bloggers. It is tailored to YOU and helps you come up with a serious, actionable plan to rock your book blog.


Plus, when you order your copy, you don’t just get the physical workbook in the mail! It’s a complete package. Seriously.


Here’s what you get:

  • The epic, physical workbook (obviously!)
  • A DIGITAL copy of the workbook, so you can print out and reuse the pages as you progress through your blogging journey.
  • Additionally, you have exclusive access to a vault of secret bonus content for book bloggers, like worksheets and extra resources. The vault is updated quarterly, so it pays for itself over and over again!


And you can get all of that for just $20 USD. Sweet, right? The price WILL be going up in a few weeks, so don’t forget to grab your copy right now.

Remember, the sooner you order, the sooner you can create and implement an epic plan to rock your book blog.

Got questions? You can read ALL the details about The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook on the launch page here and don’t forget to email me if you aren’t sure about something!


The workbook is now LIVE! I can’t wait for you to grab your copy right away.

The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook Launches TOMORROW!


So… guess what’s happening tomorrow?

I am really, crazy excited about tomorrow’s launch. The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook is a project I’ve been working on for months. It has been through numerous revisions, several drastic changes, and more than its fair share of bumps along the way, but I am so thrilled with how everything has come together.

When I started this project, I knew that I didn’t want to create something that book bloggers would read once and then throw away. I wanted to create something that would bring serious value to your life, something that book bloggers could refer back to over and over again and use to become even better bloggers.

It’s taken a long time to get here.

fearlessPulling off this launch has been long and challenging. I’ve spent countless hours writing the email sequence, scheduling social media content, creating the launch page, designing graphics, collaborating with amazing bloggers, and working really hard to get The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook into as many hands as possible.

But looking back, I think the one thing that I’m really excited about is creating a product that I KNOW will actually help other book bloggers find clarity, get organized, and grow their blogs. It’s a product that I’ve thrown myself into, and worked really hard to add as much value as possible to.

And it releases tomorrow.

If you’re interested in taking your book blog to the next level, then you should definitely keep an eye on your inbox. Tomorrow you will be able to order your copy of The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook from Amazon (internationally!), and get some really amazing perks.

Here’s everything you get:

  • Of course, you get your physical copy of The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook!
  • You also get a digital copy of the workbook, so you can print out and reuse the pages as you progress through your blogging journey.
  • Additionally, you have access to an exclusive vault of bonus content, like worksheets and extra resources. The vault will be updated quarterly, so this is an investment that pays off over and over again. Sweet, right?

Evernote Camera Roll 20160411 123409The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook is finally here.

Through worksheets, checklists, graphics, advice from my own experiences, and planners, we will come up with a plan to create a clear blogging plan, rock your online presence,  and grow your book blog.

I know of a few people who will be staying up and ordering at midnight tonight (how crazy is that? Seriously, WOW), but if you have to go to school or work tomorrow, you can definitely just check your inbox or the blog to be notified of when you can finally snag your copy tomorrow morning!

If you want to learn more about the workbook, you can also join The Fearless Book Blogger Chat, a Twitter chat I’m co-hosting with Nori, another amazing book blogger (@ReadWriteLove28). We are going to be talking all about books and blogging at 8pm EST using the hashtag #TFBBC. Join us!

Are you ready to snag your copy tomorrow? I can’t wait!


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