Query Letter: a brief one page letter introducing yourself and your book to someone in the publishing business

Book Contract: a document signed by yourself and a publisher once the publisher has accepted your book for publication. States the rights of both parties as well as the advances and dates.

Advance: A certain amount of money paid to the author as a loan upon publication. The Author will not receive royalties until the publisher has earned this money back for themselves.

royalties: a percentage of money made from the book sales that is given to the author.

Work-for-hire: a statement in the Book Contract in which the author gives up all rights to their creation including electronic and print copies, interactive games, theme parks and movie rights.

literary agent: A person of status in the publishing business with connections. They are queried in the same manner as a publisher and if the author’s work is accepted, they use their connections with publishers to try to get it published. Are not paid by author but take a percentage of royalties and the advance.

subsidy publisher: A publisher that the author pays to publish their work and does not have distribution to major book retailers.

hybrid publisher: Similar to the subsidy publisher, except you still have to go through the query process to see if your book is accepted. Splits publication costs with the author.

vanity publisher: See subsidy publisher.

synopsis: the summary of events in a novel including the end. Length varies from two pages to ten.

middle grade: the category of books for readers ages 8-12

easy reader: the category of books for readers ages 6-9

picture book: the category of books for readers ages 4-7

young adult: the category of books for readers ages 12- 18

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