The good news is that the USA is finally out of debt. The bad news is that we were bought out by Valor National Bank, and debtors are the new big game, thanks to a tricky little clause hidden deep in the fine print of a credit card application. Now, after a swift and silent takeover that leaves 9-1-1 calls going through to Valor voicemail, they’re unleashing a wave of anarchy across the country.

Patsy didn’t have much of a choice. When the suits showed up at her house threatening to kill her mother then and there for outstanding debt unless Patsy agreed to be an indentured assassin, what was she supposed to do? Let her own mother die?

Patsy is forced to take on a five-day mission to complete a hit list of ten names. Each name on Patsy’s list has only three choices: pay the debt on the spot, agree to work as a bounty hunter, or die. And Patsy has to kill them personally, or else her mom takes a bullet of her own.

Since yarn bombing is the only rebellion in Patsy’s past, she’s horrified and overwhelmed, especially as she realizes that most of the ten people on her list aren’t strangers. Things get even more complicated when a moment of mercy lands her with a sidekick: a hot rich kid named Wyatt whose brother is the last name on Patsy’s list. The two share an intense chemistry even as every tick of the clock draws them closer to an impossible choice.

Delilah S. Dawson offers an absorbing, frightening glimpse at a reality just steps away from ours—a taut, suspenseful thriller that absolutely mesmerizes from start to finish.


pink4 Hit was a great read! It is about a girl named Patsy who, after learning that America has been taken over by Valor Bank, is forced to kill 10 people in exchange for saving her mother’s life. As Patsy begins her hit list, she starts to realize that the names are not so random, and that these people may have more of a connection to her own life than she first realized.

Patsy herself was a pretty great character! The only reason she agreed to work as a bounty hunter for Valor is to save her mother, and pay off their debt. She’s really noble. The situation she’s in (America has been bought by an evil bank that’s using teen bounty hunters to collect debts/ kill people) isn’t something that will probably ever happen, but the author wrote about it in a way that was relatable, and Patsy reacted in a realistic way.

In the mere 336 pages of this book, there is lot of action. Patsy approaches the 10 people on her hit list and obviously, everyone reacts different. Some don’t believe it, some try to flee, some try to kill Patsy, and some just give in. There’s definitely never a dull moment, which keeps the reader on the edge of the seat.

The romance between Wyatt and Patsy was complicated. They meet early on, right after Patsy kills his father. It’s not the best situation, for sure. I liked the romance but I didn’t find it entirely realistic how easily Wyatt trusted Patsy at first. That said, it was pretty sweet and although not very realistic, I liked it.

The ending was very open-ended. I had been hoping for more of a resolution, maybe a show of power from the Valor.  The stakes were very high for the rest of the book, and the conclusion let me down. This was my one main complaint about Hit.

From the fierce heroine, to the action-packed plot, to the sweet romance, this book was almost perfect. I definitely recommend it, especially to fans who loved dystopias and lots of action.

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    • Samantha
      March 29, 2015 at 3:26 pm (2 years ago)

      It is a cool book! I was very surprised by it (in a good way). I hope you can pick it up soon!


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