Author: Henry Clark

Publisher: Little, Brown Books For Young Readers

Pub. Date: April 14th

The first novel that explores–with dazzling wit and high adventure–the previously undiscovered, astonishing-yet-true connections between Morse Code and ancient Chinese I-Ching hexagrams!

This never-before-seen twist on time travel adventure explores the theme of accepting those who are different–and having the courage to join them. The moment Ambrose Brody steps into a fortune-teller’s tent, he is whisked into a quest that spans millennia with his best friend, an enigmatic carnival girl, and an unusual family heirloom that drops them into the middle of the nineteenth century!

The year 1852 is a dangerous time for three non-white children, and they must work together to dodge slave-catchers and save ancestors from certain death–all while figuring out how to get back to the future. Fortunately, they have a guide in the helpful hints embedded in an ancient Chinese text called the I-Ching, which they interpret using Morse Code. But how can a three-thousand-year-old book be sending messages into the future through a code developed in the 1830s? Find out in this mind-bending, time-bending adventure!


TBTPTTH is completely adorable! I’ve been taking a break for reading middle grade books for a while, but this one brought me right back into the swing of things. From a fantastic concept, to humorous writing, to characters that readers will love, The Book That Proves Time Travel Happens is certain to please.

Ambrose Brody has a problem. His father, a teacher at Ambrose’s school, always wears clothes from different time periods, and seems oblivious to his son’s embarrassment. After his father is fired for his unique sense of style, he and Ambrose have a fight, and Ambrose flees.  Hours later, a chance encounter with a gypsy girl named Frankie sends Frankie, Ambrose and his best friend Tom back in time, courtesy of Frankie’s family heirloom, the Shagbolt.

I’ve read several time travel books, but The Book That Proves Time Travel Happens puts a unique spin on the subject, and considers the consequences of time travel. What happens if you change the past? This book is well-researched, and it shows!

Ambrose is a great hero. He’s loyal to his friends, and is always trying to do what he thinks is right. Throughout the course of this novel, the group of friends get captured by slave traders, save a doomed woman, introduce ziploc bags to the 18th century, crash a book club, and more! Ambrose is constantly coming up with innovative ways to solve problems, and some of his solutions were quite funny (I’m looking at you, Ziploc bag scene…)!

I’ve got to say, I love the diversity in this book! Ambrose is African-American, Tom is Chinese, and Frankie is Romani. It’s really interesting because while that isn’t a huge deal in America now, the children encountered a lot of racism and discrimination when they travelled back to America in 1852, when slavery was still legal. It was a look at the time period I hadn’t seen done before.

Despite being 400+ pages, The Book That Proves Time Travel Happens was a really quick and easy read. It’s not necessarily unpredictable or shocking, but it is a sweet read with great characters. If you’re looking for a a really fun middle grade story, the I highly suggest checking out The Book That Proves Time Travel Happens!

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  1. Daisy @ a Bookish Flower
    April 16, 2015 at 12:48 am (2 years ago)

    Oh gosh this sounds like such a great read! I’m really interested in reading books about kids who have to deal with being different races, I’m Mexican American and I’ve never had to deal with that but I’m suddenly finding loads of MG books with that theme. So I’d love to read this one especially since it has a whole time travel theme to it! And I think 400+ pages is great! Most MG books are only 200+ and I breeze through those in a couple of hours…
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