You love being a book blogger, but it can feel like you just can’t get everything done.

Posting consistently, emailing publishers, being on ALL the social media, doing blog maintenance, reading ARCs on time, attending book events, handling technical problems, updating plugins, staying organized, staying on top of blog tours, managing interviews — you just can’t do it all.

You are trying to grow your blog without going crazy or letting it take over your life, but it’s HARD. I know. I’ve been there.

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Three years ago, I started my book blog.

It was an outlet to share my passion and enthusiasm for books and reading. I’ve been a reader my whole life, and I was thrilled to connect with so many other book bloggers who felt the exact same way I did. Fangirl alert!

I started building up my blog and as my audience slowly grew larger than just my immediate family, I found myself devoting more and more time to my blog.

I wanted to grow my blog, and I was spending hours following advice and implementing tutorials, hoping for that I’d come across the perfect tip and I would be set.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work like that.

There’s no tip and tutorial that works for everyone. Many tutorials don’t even work for most people! Instead of spending time chasing after the latest shiny object, I should have been spending the time figuring out exactly what I wanted to get out of my book blog.

Finding clarity, creating a strategy and getting organized is the key to seeing your book blog grow, NOT that changing the colour of your search bar.


That’s where The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook comes in.

I created The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook to help book bloggers come up with a strategy to get organized, grow their blogs, and finally get on top of things.

This is an intensive 150-page physical workbook that will help become less stressed (and more excited!) about working on your book blog.

You are unique. I’m not going to tell you how to run your book blog, because the experience is completely different for every person. Instead, The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook is packed with worksheets, templates, checklists, and lessons from my own experience that will help you come up with a serious, actionable plan to rock your book blog.

Are you ready? Let’s do this thing.


grab your copy

Let’s talk about what this workbook covers.

1. Setting savvy goals for your book blog

We are going to work together to set serious goals for your blog. Not only that, but we are also going to create an actionable plan to actually get you rolling. Goals are the foundation of your blog, and now you’ll be able to actually set and reach them.

2. Getting the most out of your blogging time

Blogging time is precious. Let’s make sure you aren’t wasting it. I’m going to share my favourite tips, resources, and strategies for managing your blogging time and making every single minute count. You can do this.

3. Creating a stunning, functional design

We all judge books by their covers. It’s true. Your blog design is the cover for your book blog, and is the first impression that your new visitors will get of you. Let’s rock that first impression! This section is all about creating a stunning design.


4. Creating a strategy to GROW your blog

If you don’t have an audience, who are you writing your posts for? We are going to create a seriously smart strategy that will help you come up with a successful blog strategy that will skyrocket your growth. Yep, really.

5. Tracking your ARCs + Reading

Reading can be disorganized, but it doesn’t have to be! Use the spreadsheets and trackers in this workbook to stay on top of your reading. You’ll also be able to download and print the files to be used over and over again, so it’s a lifetime investment. Nice!

6. Writing killer posts your readers will love

Your blog posts are crucial for creating a brilliant blog. Using these worksheets, you’ll be able to brainstorm, plan, and create epic blog posts for your readers. You’ll also come up with a posting strategy and come up with ideas that will make your readers love you.




Let’s talk about EVERYTHING that is included!

Yes, this isn’t any ordinary workbook! You also get access to some pretty amazing bonuses as well.

The physical workbook

Well, of course! You get the printed physical 150-page workbook that you can use, highlight, and scribble all over. It is packed with worksheets, advice, resources and activities to help you improve your book blog. This is your ultimate resource, so you will be able to refer back to this over and over again.

A PDF of the workbook

The workbook is too good not to use over and over again. When you purchase the physical copy, you will also receive access to a PDF version of the file. There are parts of the workbook, like your dedicated ARC tracker, that you’ll want to reuse and by printing it out whenever you need it, you can!

Access to a vault of freebies

As if the workbook wasn’t enough, you will also be able to access a vault packed with bonuses, like extra worksheets, checklists and resources that didn’t make it into the print workbook. The best part? The freebie vault will be updated quarterly with NEW content!


Commonly Asked Questions

FullSizeRenderHow much does this cost?

I wanted to make this affordable for ALL book bloggers, you can snag your copy on Amazon for just $20 USD. That includes ALL the bonuses mentioned above. This is the launch price, but the price will be going up soon, so snag your copy now!

Can I purchase if I live in X country?

Absolutely! The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook is available on Amazon, so you can have your copy shipped to you no matter where you live. It’s that easy!

I have questions! Who could I contact?

Email me! You can email me at and I’ll get back to you right away.

I’m in! How do I order my copy?

The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook is available on Amazon (click here), so you can order your copy right away! Your copy includes instructions on how to download your PDF version + how to easily access all of your bonuses!


Are you ready to take your book blog to the next level?

If your blog feels stagnant, or you want to take a leap and grow your book blog, then this workbook is a must-have for you.

The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook isn’t just a workbook; it’s an experience. Besides the physical workbook, you also get access to so many amazing, actionable bonuses that will help you seriously take your book blog to the next level.

The workbook (+ bonuses) are only available at this launch price for a short time before the price goes up so trust me, take the leap now.

Let’s rock your book blog.